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      海外基金會代表視頻發言:Stephen Heintz
      2013年01月08日 作者:Stephen Heintz

      Stephen Heintz,洛克菲勒兄弟基金會總裁 







      Stephen Heintz:Honorable Chair, ladies and gentlemen, as the president of Rockefeller Brothers Fund, I have greatly honored to have this opportunity to say a few words on behalf of international foundations that are working in China. First , I send my heartfelt congratulations to the organizers of the 4th Annual China  Foundation Summit. I regret that due to health reasons, I cannot be with all of you in person though I can just imagine the excitement of this significant moment that brings all of you together-leaders from government, philanthropic institutions, academia, social organizations and media groups.

      The Rockefeller family has had a long-lasting friendship with China beginning with its work to establish the Peking Union Medical College. As a family foundation, the current work of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund focuses on environment and health, energy and climate, and supporting community leaders who are working to promote sustainable development in Southern China. Needless to say, we are particularly delighted that this year’s summit is taking place in one of the most important cities in South China, Guangzhou.

      Since 2008, the world has witnessed the development of China indigenous philanthropic sector, which is growing at an unprecedented speed. This amazing progress reflects the wisdom, creativity, resourcefulness, and generosity of the Chinese people in a new era of the country’s development. Its significance is profound and far-reaching as the sustainability of China’s nonprofit sector ultimately depends on it.

       We live today in a deeply interdependent world. Effective solutions to economic, social and environmental challenges will require the combined efforts of all sectors-governments, business and civil society. They also require transactional collaborations. We look forward to learning from and working together with Chinese private foundations at this exciting yet challenging time in our world.

      Once again, my congratulations and best wishes for the success of the 4th Annual China Private Foundations Summit.


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